Network Inventory


Network Inventory Lite

Network Inventory Lite is a basic inventory tool created for the purpose of gathering information on operating systems, software (including OS hotfixes) and hardware (disk size, memory size, CPU, serial number and more). All the gathered information can


Network Asset Monitor  v.3 8

Network Asset Monitor allows you to create a network inventory.

PC Inventory Advisor  v.3.2.791

PC Inventory Advisor 3.0 - agent-free solution for network inventory of Windows nets with flexible HTML reports. Software and hardware audit becomes simpler with this new elegant PC audit solution.

Spiceworks IT Management Desktop  v.5.2

Spiceworks is a free agent-less network inventory, monitoring, helpdesk, reporting, and IT purchasing software.

JDisc Discovery  v.2.0.2001

JDisc Discovery is an agentless network inventory solution that has been developed from scratch with more than 10 years experience in the area of network discovery for medium to large scale networks.

Nmap  v.5.61TEST2

Nmap is documented extensively online.You can find it all at the Nmap documentation directory. Nmap can perform network inventory, list a service history, identify firewall types and pocket filers, and detect the uptime of the system and the OS.

Audit Wizard  v.8. 3. 2002

AuditWizard helps you achieve total visibility of what's on your network, from PCs and Servers through to Network Printers and Switches to IT gadgets like PDAs, USB sticks and MP3 players.

Spiceworks Free IT Management Software  v.6.0

Spiceworks is free network management software and help desk software designed for networks with up to 1,000 devices.

NEWT Freeware

Network inventory & PC auditing solution allowing scans of your entire network in minutes, not hours or days. While other solutions require exhaustive agent deployment or purely agentless methods crippled by remote registry and WMI misconfiguration

Wolfreax  v.1 2

Wolfreax is a Network Inventory product. Wolfreax is a network utility to help you with your work.

EMCO Network Favorites  v.1.0

Use this to back up remote-machine favorites on your network, or copy a favorite link. Restoration of favorites is also supported. You can fetch all machines from your network with the Enumerate LAN method,

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